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Lip Shit Lip Balm

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 This truly is trustworthy, loyal and moisturizing.

And in all honestly, it's just really good shit. And super tasty. Mmmmm.

.3 oz./8.5 g

Lip Shit Lip Balm from BlueQ. Flavoured with yumtastic fruit and stuff that smells nice and tastes good. 23% Beeswax- so when people tell you to mind your Beeswax, you can. In a cute little tin of high-quality, super-moisturizing lip balm. .3 oz./8.5 g

We are as selective with our merchandise companies as we are in selecting our coffee beans.

BlueQ employs a workforce of individuals with and without disabilities to assemble products like Lip Shit Lip Balm.

All-natural ingredients with names you can pronounce like, coconut oil, Beeswax, lanolin, Vitamin E, sunflower oil, organic herbs. Flavours like black cherry, lime, watermelon, tangerine, raspberry, mango, pineapple, papaya, orange, vanilla, tea, cardamon, cherry, did we say cherry? Well, if you're going to make some lip shit, it might as well be cherry.

Made in the Good part of the USA, with the good part of humanity, doing good things. Feel Good and Support Good.

Are you interested in more cool stuff? 

This lip shit truly is trustworthy, loyal and moisturizing.

And in all honestly, it's just awesome shit. And super tasty. Mmmmm.

A lullaby for your lips - sweet and soft and oh so good. The moon is Blackberry Honey Lip Shit. You can quote us on that.

One day, while hitchhiking on the Amalfi coast, a convertible buggy was barreling up the hillside. At the wheel was a fashionable pup, green scarf snapping in the wind. Did he stop to pick me up? No. Did he toss a small metal tin of lip moisturizer out of the vehicle as he sped by, changing my life forever? He did with flavours of black cherry and papaya.

You might not think an old-fashioned soda fountain would be welcoming to the likes of a pink octopus with long lashes. But this was a very progressive soda fountain—flavours of watermelon and tangerine.