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Coffee lovers know that many things contribute to the taste of their favourite cup of joe, such as the method and temperature of brewing. But it’s the freshness of the beans that’s most important. Unlock the potential of your Wood Buffalo coffee beans with the BISTRO burr coffee grinder.

This is the Grinder we at Wood Buffalo Coffee use at home. Its preprogrammed timer is PERFECT for our BruTrek French Press- which in our humble opinion, is the best way to bru your Wood Buffalo Coffee beans.

The electric burr grinder crushes beans effortlessly between stainless steel conical burrs rather than slicing them, making this the best electric coffee grinder for aromatic coffee that’s bursting with flavour. With 12 grind settings, you can go from French press to espresso – and everything in between – with perfect ease.

From the sealed bean container to the borosilicate glass catcher, the freshness of your beans is guaranteed. The clever preset timer means you only grind the exact amount required – there’s a built-in measuring guide on the lid.

This sleek coffee grinder looks stunning on the kitchen worktop and complements any bag of Wood Buffalo Coffee. It doesn’t get much better than this. All of our Single Origin and Bean Blends are ethically sourced, Organic certified, and from Fair Trade farmers.

The BISTRO burr coffee grinder is simple and user-friendly to operate.

    1. Add coffee beans to the top container, and turn the adjustment dial to your preferred setting.

    1. Use the pre-set timer to select the grind duration, then hit the power button.

  1. Grind times range from 5 to 20 seconds, then your beans will be ready for brewing.