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High Test- High Caffeine Blend

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 Do you want more Caffeine?

High Test- Strong robust roast, Non-acidic, with a  bold, distinctive flavour.

Our HIGHEST caffeine content roast to date.

Wood Buffalo High Test - For the Highly Discerning. When you can't get enough caffeine.

high-test /ˌhīˈtest/ adjective CAN

1. (of gasoline) high-octane
  • meeting very high standards.
  • "a high-test coffee"
As the name reflects, You want caffeine and you have little time to waste. What are you waiting for?

In fact, the High Test blend has 2.7% caffeine content, almost double the 1.5% of any of our other blends. Solution: Buy an Airscape Classic Canister to store your beans. They are simply the best way to keep freshly roasted coffee.

All our coffees beans are purchased from Organic FLO SPP farmer coops in their country of origin for fair living value- not market value