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  • summer buffalo blend
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Summer Buffalo Blend

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 It's SUMMERTIME! wellllll. ok it's not. But there's enough demand for this most popular blend that we are bringing it back.

West Coast Dark - little oil, dark brown colour- rich chocolatey, roast-driven flavour.

Best enjoyed as pour-over, french press cold brew, or traditional

Available for a Limited Time- Just like Canadian Summers.

All our coffee beans are purchased from Organic FLO SPP Farmer-owned co-ops in their country of origin for fair living value- not market value. 

Want a great dark roast that adapts to the ever-changing landscape of a Canadian Summer day? If you don't like the weather, wait a moment* only TRUE Canadians get this weather reference. Summer Buffalo Blend gets the YUM flavour to you HOT or COLD; thus, you will need more. This blend of Mexican coffees has the characteristic notes of chocolate, vanilla, and almond that the Triunfo Verde coffee co-op is known for.  As always, these sustainably sourced beans are fair trade and traceable. Follow the link to follow your beans. Trinde Verde. We have roasted these beans dark west coast roast-rich, darkly roasted coffee with thick mouthfeel, chocolatey goodness and roast-driven flavour. That roast makes for a great beverage, and as a result, you can enjoy Summer Buffalo Blend, either Hot OR Cold


Convert even the highest teetotaler (and tea-totaler) on your list to become a cold-brew Summer Buffalo addict. Suppose you will enjoy Summer in Canada; you'll need a coffee as diverse as the Canadian landscapeAll our coffees beans are purchased from Organic FLO SPP farmer coops in their country of origin for fair living value- not market value