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Single-Origin Mexico

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Medium roast

Tasting profile: Dark chocolate, molasses, nutmeg and clove with an earthy body, soft, citric acidity and sweet aftertaste.

Citric acidity, medium body, milk chocolate, almond, honey flavours

Grown at 900-1400 meters above sea level--

Single-Origin Mexico coffee has a very different flavour profile than our South American, African, or SE Asian coffees. Coffee beans from Mexico are thought of as the Californian wines of the 1980s. - never really taken seriously until customers started choosing Vin-de-coca-cola over traditional French wines.

Finca Triunfo Verde, S.C. is a cooperative organization formed by over 500 organized small farmers dedicated to organic farm practices in the buffer zone surrounding the El Triunfo biological reserve. They seek to foment conservation through ecologically friendly practices, offsetting land and resource degradation in the area and promoting natural resources and local biodiversity recovery. Its mission is to improve member livelihoods by selling high-quality organic coffee in markets that value and reward the effort behind growing an ecologically friendly product at a fair price.

From the collection and commercialization of coffee to community development, all business operations are managed inclusively and democratically. Furthermore, they advocate for gender and racial equality and religious freedom as founding principles of this cooperative.