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Wood Buffalo Coffee

Maria Trancito Honduran Premium Lot Series

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This micro lot limited edition has notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar, rose and hibiscus.

Tart, berry-like acidity with a medium, milky body and sweet, lingering aftertaste.  

Doña María Transito, is a second-generation coffee farmer. Her mother, María, was the first person in her family to grow coffee. María (the younger) began her coffee project at the age of 28. She saved up some money from selling candies and food and purchased her small parcel in the community of Guascotoro, San José, close to Marcala.

Finca La Encantada is a coffee farm that began from zero. She started her nursery and planted her own seedlings in order to become the productive farm it is today, which allowed Maria to provide an education to her children and improve the overall conditions of her family's life. 

Doña María recognizes that in the beginning it was not easy to start working in coffee because at the time there was not a lot of information about organic production. With time, the COMSA organization appeared with a very different vision with which she identified and began to put into practice. 

Doña María, along with her children, have dedicated a lot of time learning about the different coffee varieties and processes in order to improve and maximize the potential for quality in the cup. Harvest after harvest, quality has been constant. 

In Finca La Encantada they have put in place practices that are friendly to the environment, resulting in high fertility levels that provide high yields and cup quality.


For more information: Doña María Transito,