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  • Edgar VonRavensburd
  • wood buffalo plaid mug
  • snow leopard
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Personality Mug

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Spirit Animal

These mugs are full colour 414 mL (14 ounces) with graphics on all sides, ceramic mug with a large handle. Dishwasher safe- though handwashing makes everything last longer.


We have so many ideas for more mugs but limited shelf space. Let's clear out the old and make room for the NEW mugs.  Match your personality coffee mug with your mood, outfit of the day (OOTD), coffee of the day (COTD), Canadian weather, or things on your to-do list.  These colourful mugs are chock full of fun, and coffee. Choose a personality coffee mug based on your mood, favourite colour, horoscope or however you want to start the day. Pair with a 3-Pack Sampler and you have a party. It's hard to choose just one.... So Choose Two!

Are you a Colombian Hippo, Peruvian Bear, Edgar VonRavensbird III, Buffalo Plaid, Sumatra Snow Leopard, or Ethiopian Honey Badger?

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