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Single Origin Mountian Water Decaf

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Single Origin Peru

Decaffeinated to less than 0.1% residual caffeine

Dark Roast

Swiss Mountian water decaffeination.

Sweet acidity, full body w/ cocoa, prune and red fruit flavours

Grown at altitudes of 1100 -1800 meters above sea level


FYI we have a decaffeinated coffee, Single Origin Peru Decaf. We roast it in extra small batches to keep it FRESH. It's roasted "west-coast" DARK to maintain the strength of spirit of its caffeinated counterparts. All that you love Without all the BUZZ.  Meet our decaffeinated Spirit Animal, Pastuso. Like another famous bear, Pastuso is from "darkest Peru" and will only drink coffee that reminds him of home. Single Origin Mountian Water Decaf. If you're going to drink dark coffee, it better be from the deepest darkest Peru. Dark, rich coffee and English marmalade (is there any other type) with plenty of peel and ginger from a distant ex-pat bear cousin who sends care packages at Birthdays and Christmas (the English coffee is dreadful tho). Pastuso is a Spectacled bear and a mountain man at heart. 

If you're going to drink dark coffee, it better be from Guatemala. When you drink coffee from Guatemala, it must be decaffeinated. If you're going to go to all this trouble, there better be a slice of fresh bread with, you guessed it, English Marmalade on the side.

Order it as part of our best-selling 3-pack sampler

The Buffalo has a coffee for you. All that you love, without the buzz. Our decaffeinated blend. Ahhhhhh That's better.


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