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Espresso Blend

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It's been a long time coming. Who knew the espresso blend would be so complex? We did. That's why we have been working around the clock in top-secret tasting labs in the Northernmost region of our roastery with only seal blubber and Toblerone for sustenance. Okay, maybe the seal blubber was beef jerky, but the Toblerone was real, and so was the dedication. We worked tirelessly to create an espresso that is bold and rich but still bright and sunshiney. The best of day and night. Winter and Summer, Art and Garfunkle.

We hope you enjoy our espresso blend as much as we do.

Meet our espresso spirit animal: Edgar VonRavenburd the Third.

Pretentious but always enjoyable, just like our freshly roasted espresso.

Bright start- rich finish. We have roasted this blend in a "west coast" dark. This roasting profile prevents the characteristic burnt-tasting "French Roast." Our beans are roasted longer and at a higher temp to produce a big body and lower acidity but still retain the brightness of our signature coffees.

Try it with or without milk for a satisfying jolt of caffeine and flavours.

This roast is best for espresso machines, French Press and pour-over,  with or without steamed milk.

Pair it with the matching Personality Mug of our Espresso spirit animal, the raven, Edgar Von Ravensburd the Third. Edgar wears haute couture, but only if it was designed before 1959. Listens to digital copies of wax recordings of obscure music you've probably never thought of, let alone heard of. See *Therimine for musical obscurity. You knew Edgar when he went by "Eddie" back in University. Pretentious but always enjoyable, just like our fresh roasted espresso.  Match your personality mug with your mood, outfit of the day (OOTD), coffee of the day(COTD), Canadian weather, or things on your to-do list.  These colourful mugs are chock full of fun and coffee. Choose a mug based on your mood, personality, favourite colour, horoscope or however you want to start the day.